This requires that we are in full control of all phases of the process.

Over the past years we have invested heavily in improving our manufacturing set-up to make the best use of our patent and the great characteristics of linoleum.

Product development

The longed for product is developed in close cooperation with designers, architects and manufacturers.

We contribute with our knowledge about different materials and effective manufacturing processes and much more to secure that the result in obtained.

One of the great advantages of using linoleum is the ability to manufacture tabletops and other units in almost any length.

In recent years we have worked closely with leading manufacturer of tabletops for kitchens and have succeeded in making plane glued sinks in linoleum tops. This is a breakthrough in the kitchen industry.

Sheet working

An effective and efficient manufacturing process demands speed of transition.


Automated process

We have therefore invested in a fully automated plate stockroom.


Increased flexibility

Plates are picked and cut fully automated based on daily orders. This has increased our flexibility and efficiency markedly.

The end phase



We have also automated several part processes in the coating process to be able to deliver competitive furniture coated with linoleum. The mounting of our unique edge coating is for instant semi-automated to ensure a perfect and consistent finish.



As a subcontractor to the furniture industry we of course offer a professional packaging of the final product. We work closely with our customers to deliver the specific packaging solution, which they may demand.


Test an developing

To constantly improve we would like to join a cooperation with our clients, regarding ongoing tests of our production setup, product quality and delivery safety.

We are really happy that our clients are satisfied and happy about the cooperation and as well are convicted that an open and direct dialouge promotes the cooperation. Because of this we welcome our clients’ interest in testing and evaluating our ongoing process.


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