WO Interior covers all necessary techniques for tailor made solutions

Particularly our unique and patented technology enables us to make the prefect top coating with linoleum – also in an industrialized process.

This has become a core competency, which we apply on counters, tabletops, wall fixtures, doors or other interior elements.

Environmentally Friendly

Linoleum is 100 % natural and can be decomposed in nature.

Linoleum is made of pure, abundant and natural ingredients such as linseed oil, resin and wood flour.

inoleum is hence a modern, visionary and future safe material, which we would like to raise the awareness of. Linoleum has a long list of great advantages. It has a soft and warm surface which ”lives”.




During the past years we have invested in several new technological tools to improve efficiency, effectiveness and product quality.


To be a relevant and preferred partner and subcontractor to the national and international furniture industry it is important to stay on top of technological advances and opportunities.

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