We offer significant improvement of security check points based on solutions customized to meet the specific needs of the airport

That requires a focus on the whole process and not only a focus on the scanner or the tray return system.

We collaborate with our customers to optimize the whole process based on a deep understanding of the specific needs of the airport.

We build our solutions on thorough understanding of the securityprocess in combination with many years of practical experience in manufacturing of airport interior.

Our vision is World’s best security process

To reach high process efficiency you also need to focus on staff health and safety issues in designing the working environment offering good ergonomic solutions.

That could among other things include height adjustable working areas and elimination of heavy lifting. We work continually on minimizing noise from the process and from the surroundings.

We build our solutions on standard modules and a high degree of customizing.



We have modules of:

linear transportation, curves, automatic tray return, rescanning and inspection.


Within the modules we offer an array of variants:

Length on the unpacking and repacking area, right and left oriented versions, colors and size of the trays.


Our most advanced solutions include an automatic tray return system prepared for remote screening while addressing staff health and safety issues.

Our solutions are built on an array of standard modules that can be customized with several extra options of choice to achieve the optimal security solution for your airport.